Joy doesn’t come in the morning

My dad had just purchased a new colored television and a VCD player after our black and white television kept going into convulsion everytime we had a visitor.

It was always so embarrassing that my dad would stylishly put the blame on us. He will be like: “this children what have you people done to this television?”

Then he will turn to the visitor and be like: “my brother, this children will not kill me in this house”  And they will laugh it off.

The new set of the appliances were not even up to two weeks when the devil pushed me to finger the television.

I have always imagine how a whole human being could fit into a small box like that, and that particular day the devil encouraged me to find out and I yielded to it.

After searching for a screwdriver that would fit the hole of the television to no avail, the devil handed me a 3 inches nail and it fitted perfectly fine. What a wow!!!

When I was done dismantling the television, I coupled it back and I discovered that there were remaining 5 extra screws on the floor but that was non of my business at all.

After I was done, I plugged the television back to power it ON, and boom! I saw smoke everywhere with a little touch of a barbecue smell. “Ayemi temi, bami”! The devil exclaimed before zooming off, leaving me behind all alone. Indeed Ayam dead I told myself.

That evening after the night prayer, I went straight to my dad as he was siting on the bed, knelt down before him and said: “Father please forgive me for I have sin”.

He thought the message he had preached that night had gotten to me and I was being sober. So just Like reverend Father Mbaka he said: “my son your sins are forgiven go and sin no more”.

“LMAO! Nigga you don’t know what I just did”, I whispered beneath my breath.

I knew this sin that I have committed cannot be forgiven just like that without a proper munching so I refused to stand up.

It was at that moment he knew that i was not joking. He said: “Kay, what have you done this time around?”

Me: “dad the television was not showing so I opened it”

Dad: “Abasi mmi ke ikpa onyong!!!” he exclaimed.

What did you just say? Which television? The one I bought or the one you bought? because…

He was about to raise his voice even higher again when he remembered that he had just finished preaching on PEACE and FORGIVENESS not quite long ago so he paused and there was a deep silence for a moment.

By this time I was expecting a resounding slap so I had already bite my molar and premolars together preparing for the worst to happen when he taped me on the shoulder and said: “go and sleep”.

I opened my eyes and looked at him and he repeated it again with his baritone voice…

“Kay go and sleep before you make me angry its late”.

I gave a sigh of relief, thanked him and went straight to bed.

I was happy and scared at the same time, it was a mix feeling though because it was unusual. but then I was happy.

Then that night I had a weird dream, I saw a turkey with seven heads chasing me.

When I woke up, Lo and behold my dad was sitting directly opposite my bed this time with a real Cain in his hand.

My eyes involuntary dash to the clock on the wall and I noticed that it was 5:30 in the morning and I began to cry even before he walked up to me.

It was also at that moment I realized that joy doesn’t come in the morning No, not anymore, especially when you decide to run an errand for the devil. 😭😭😭


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