In a world full of crisis like this, the happiness of the future generations are no longer put into consideration.

These days parents want their children to create wealth for them to inherit.

They tends to use their children as bridges to connections and affluence.

That is why it is very common to see a family sending their 14 year old daughter to go and live with one uncle or aunty just for a bag of rice at the end of the year or a monthly peanuts.

They don’t care if that child is happy or not.

They don’t want to know if the immediate family are treating her right or not. if her so called cousins are harassing her or not.

All you’ll hear them say is: “I lived with someone before so you have to”.

No! it wasn’t meant to be this way.

The country is hard no doubt. Things are really difficult everywhere but, you will be the greatest loser if you ever pushed your responsibility as a parent to other people.

There are basic things a parents should be able to provide for their children which shelter and education are one.

Their happiness too.

Then if as a parent you are unable to do that, but rather choose to push your children to people to take care of them for you.

Then you should sit back and ask yourself what went wrong.

As a growing adult too that is yet to start a family, I will advice you push only what you can carter for.

There is no award for the most fertile woman on earth or a certain amount of money paid to a man with several kids.

A girl child is a blessing so is a male child too.

Don’t use one gender child as an excuse to birth children you can’t carter for.

Th world is already hard, please don’t make it more difficult for these little ones.

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